The most commonly used platform to create a website is WordPress. After you have installed an instance of WordPress through the Installatron in cPanel, work through the following steps to create your own WordPress site. After you have set up the structure of the site, which includes the theme, home page, and navigation menus, you will add content to the site either through new posts or pages.

Posts usually contain timely content that is arranged chronologically with the most recent at the top, while pages usually contain static, one-off content that is rarely updated. Posts can be sorted and displayed using categories. Whether you use posts or pages for your content will depend upon the structure and purpose of your site. Want to learn more about posts and pages? Check out this post on the difference between the two.

Choosing a Theme

Gutenberg versus Classic Editor

Building your Home Page

Setting up site navigation menus

What is a Plugin?

What is a Widget?

Uploading and embedding media